Robert E. Field
Private Investigator




I have no law enforcement background but I do as well if not better because my experience is grounded in the private sector, first insurance defense and then plaintiff personal injury and criminal defense. I take in-person hand-written signed statements in the subject’s own words typically at the witness’s kitchen table. I once took a hand-written statement perched on the fender of a farm tractor while the witness plowed his field. My strong suit is field investigations though I do have experience with in-house file management and settlement but I’m most interested in outside field investigations, trial prep and support.  

I have six years experience as a claims adjuster first for Automobile Club of Southern California (Montebello) and then with Farmers Insurance (South Pasadena and Las Vegas).  At the Auto Club I handled vehicle property damage claims and at Farmers I handled personal injury liability claims of all types from inception to completion, including field investigations.

Subsequently I worked in-house for several years for two different law offices.  One handled applicant Workers Compensation with a little personal injury overflow, the other high volume personal injury.  My experience with applicant Workers Compensation cases is outside field investigations such as locating witnesses, hand-written signed statements, photography and developing third party liability cases arising from the accident such as machine product liability or liability of a third party such as a contractor or subcontractor on a construction site. 

I handled all aspects of the cases from beginning to end and even a few cases we successfully took to trial. All cases were prepared as though we were going to trial, even soft tissue cases.  Wonderful things happen to settlements when you take to trial and win a couple cases, even if they are small ones.  Insurance attorneys don’t like to lose and they take notice when you are prepared and ready to actually go to trial.  It increases the value of all the cases in your office.

My duties included field investigations, supervising the claims and litigation, negotiating with the insurance companies and preparing cases for trial.  I then spent a year working for an investigator who handled field investigations for high-end plaintiff personal injury trial attorneys while I obtained my own PI license. We handled plaintiff personal injury, product liability and extensive applicant Workers Compensation investigations, particularly product liability cases arising out of the Workers Comp cases. After that I went out on my own where I continued working personal injury cases as well as criminal defense work. Later the two of us partnered together until he passed away from cancer, then I continued on my own. 

One of my most important clients was a criminal defense trial attorney and former prosecutor.  We tried many cases and won nearly all.  Please note I am not afraid to see and obtain signed statements from complaining witnesses.  I work criminal defense the same way as civil cases, I see people in person and obtain hand-written signed statements.  I do things the old fashioned way - in person. 

I am issues oriented and conduct my investigations to address the elements of specific legal issues apparent in the case. 

I took a few years off as a freelance photographer from which I semi-retired recently.  Give me a call.



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