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Robert E. Field
Private Investigator




Me taking hand-written signed statement at someone's dinner table.

I have been a licensed Private Investigator for more than thirty years with extensive experience conducting personal injury field investigations, product liability and criminal defense cases, in addition to photographing injuries, vehicles, accident and crime scenes, property damage and other evidence.

The insurance industry is where I got my start going into the field interviewing the parties and witnesses in person, not over the phone, taking in-person hand-written signed statements of the witnesses and adverse parties, photographing accident scenes and property damage.  I handled claims from inception to final conclusion

After that I worked in-house for several years at two different law offices handling plaintiff personal injury cases.  My duties included supervising the claims and litigation, negotiating with the insurance companies and preparing cases for trial, in addition to field investigations.  I then spent a year working for an investigator who handled field investigations for high-end plaintiff personal injury trial attorneys while I obtained my own PI license. We handled plaintiff personal injury, product liability and extensive applicant Workers Compensation investigations, particularly third party liability cases arising out of the Workers Comp cases.  After that I went out on my own where I continued working personal injury cases as well as criminal defense work. Later the two of us partnered together until he passed away from cancer and I continued alone.  

Some years later I decided on a career change and became a freelance photographer until my recent retirement from that endeavor.



Field Investigations: scene, witness and party interviews, in-person hand-written signed statements, locate witnesses, public records and other associated tasks.

Issues Oriented:  Issues are identified and the elements of those issues directly addressed in the investigation.  

Photography: vehicles and other property damage, machinery, macro photography, accident and crime scenes, injuries.

Locate:  $200 find or no fee.






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